• Wiona van Huyssteen

Leonardo da Vinci – Salvator Mundi

What an overwhelming image! No wonder $450million was paid for it. Once perceived, that image lingers in the memory and is most probably not easily replaced. That is perhaps the reason for its value. Salvator Mundi: - the image exudes an aura of serenity, temporal stasis, spiritual repose, self introspection, - the figural composition embodies simple geometrical figures such as the triangle, circle and cross. - the colour composition is simple as only two colours permeate the image and textures are created by tonal variations of the same. And then there is the vibrant light and mysterious darkness which are juxtaposed to further enhance the enigma which it conceals. But now let us reflect on certain buildings which we have experienced and which have mesmerized us by their beauty and wonder, and which have left an imprint in our mind. Could these not be evaluated with the same criteria as the ones considered for the Salvator Mundi? Most probably we could. How often does one not long to return to these buildings to experience the space in its totality and feel part of it. These are the spaces which embody an aura of perfection that transcends any explanation and which further enhance and enrich the visual experience every time they are visited.    

What buildings speak to you in such a way? 

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